First Draft

The Daily Writers help you start writing every day and stop balling up your drafts to throw them away.

First DraftI’ve got an idea! Brilliant. Okay. Pen to paper. Write. Opening sentence.

Wait. That sucks. Start over. Start with a name. No, no. Location! Yeah, that’s it. Location. Or should it be weather, then location? And if I’m doing weather, I should include time of day. Okay, time of day, weather, location. Geographic location? Like planet earth, NorthAmerican, east coast, Pennsylvania, Wayne, a house, a yard, a lawn chair? Shit. I’m confusing myself.

What was that idea again? Oh, yeah.

Okay, character. Let’s start with character. Female. 30’s. Married. A mother. Wait. Is this me? Will people think this is me? Shit.

What was the idea again?

Okay, dummy, just write it down. Write down the idea. Yeah, the one you originally thought of. Just write it down. It’s doesn’t have to be good, just get the idea on paper. Just start writing!

Ugh. This sucks. This is bad writing. What tense are you using? And you realize you jumped from first to third person with no transition, right?

You are a bad writer.

Oh wait a minute. That sentence isn’t bad. Neither is that one. And the character is kind of funny. Okay, don’t dwell. Move forward.

Just. Keep. Writing.