The Tuesday Night Writing Workshop

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The Tuesday Night Writing Workshop is for writers of all levels, genres, and forms  

    • Write during workshop
    • Find and strengthen your unique voice
    • Develop a current project further or create new ones
    • Constructive feedback helps you expand on your strengths
    • Experience the camaraderie of surrounding yourself with fellow writers
    • Fiction · Nonfiction · Poetry · Screenwriting · Playwriting · Blogs · Performance Sketches

Each evening runs from 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. Some sessions (6-8 weeks) meet via Zoom and some are run in person (Flourtown, PA)

A detailed description of how it works:

In this creative writing workshop, we write together during the first half of the three hours. The facilitator uses prompts and exercises designed to spark your imagination. Then, most participants choose to read what they just wrote aloud. The group listens and offers feedback about what stood out and what they found memorable about the writing. At this point, listeners provide only positive feedback because no one has had a chance to edit.

After a short break, the facilitator makes announcements, and we discuss writing concerns we all share. In the last hour or so, we discuss manuscripts polished by workshop members on their own time. These conversations occur according to a schedule agreed upon by the group.

The setting is supportive and encourages experimentation with all aspects of writing. The workshop lets you explore and strengthen your voice, find stories or topics you want to write about and develop these pieces with constructive feedback from other writers.

Following the prompts is optional. You are always free to write about whatever you’d like, including something you’re currently writing.

Submitting a manuscript is also optional. Sometimes people come to the workshop with nothing they want to submit. Then a piece they write during the workshop becomes the work they choose to expand on and hand in.

Summer 2024 7 weeks—7-10 PM in person$385—Limited to 12 people, including the instructor. This session is spread out across the summer, so please note the breaks. 

      1. June 11
      2. June 25
      3. July 9
      4. July 23
      5. August 6
      6. August 13
      7. August 20

Directions will be provided upon registration and payment.

Payment is available via Credit Card and  Venmo. Payment must be received before the workshop begins. Instructions on how to pay in these ways will be sent once you enroll.


Put your name on the waiting list. If you are already on the waiting list, you will be informed if there are spaces available.

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Writing a novel, screenplay, TV Pilot, play, a collection of short stories, or a memoir?

If receiving in-depth feedback from other writers working on full-length manuscripts would help you finish your project, the Manuscript Workshop may be the right place for you. We meet at The Resiliency Center in Flourtown on Thursdays from 7-10 p.m. Writing sample and invitation required. Learn more.

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