Writing Together

I follow the Amherst Writers & Artists practices as taught by my mentor, Alison Hicks. Alison’s workshops in Ardmore and in Center City are fabulous and she generously supports many local writers, myself included.

From Amherst Writers & Artists™:

The AWA™ method has been used successfully with experienced writers as well as beginners, writers whose creative juices are flowing as well as those experiencing a block. It has been equally effective in helping those whose voices have traditionally been silenced by poverty, discrimination, illness, age or other obstacles to achieving the powerful combination of language and confidence needed to overcome social barriers. While the AWA method is not therapy, it has great healing potential for writers from all backgrounds. Writers who have used the AWA™ method have published major works and taken top prizes and awards in the U.S., Ireland, and over 500 have completed the AWA™ training program in workshop leadership.

What participants in the workshop report liking the most is writing in a room full of their peers. As workshop leader, my responsibility is to make sure the atmosphere is as productive and enjoyable as possible. We laugh a lot, but there is ample room for writing along the entire emotional spectrum.

I believe the experience of sitting in a room and writing together cannot be duplicated in an online experience. In our electronic age, live interactions are becoming rarer. Writers seem to thrive in this environment. I have the honor and privilege of facilitating this process.

— Rachel Kobin, Director