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The Ballad of Tuesday Nights

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(An Ode to the Philadelphia Writers Workshop) By Jonathan Bell It’s Writing Workshop and it’s Tuesday night, And I’m pushing my hand across the page. Hoping that an idea comes to light, Something that will spring from my mental cage. Some fantastic, wild, and crazy nugget, One with an amazingly brilliant plot. Like two characters […]

Acceptance and Writing

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  I lead the Tuesday night workshop at The Resiliency Center in Flourtown, PA. Every month one member of The Center chooses the theme and writes the main article for the newsletter. I drafted this one evening during the Tuesday Night Writers’ Workshop and decided to post it here as well. Acceptance and The Writing Process When I chose […]

Poetry For Writers Who Aren’t Poets…Or May Be

The mythic phoenix rises in this vibrant Malaysian Batik.

  Poetry Without Fear Many writers I meet are scared of poetry, scared of reading it and scared of writing it. But poetry is simply another way to express ourselves with language. Here’s an opportunity to find out how much fun it can be to use a poetic form—a set of guidelines—to make writing poetry easy […]

How Many And What Kind Of Details To Include in Our Writing

The letter Q stands up and talks on one of those old telephone booth phone receivers.

Elisa Heisman, alumna of the Tuesday Night Workshop, has a fun, easy-to-relate-to blog called “Life Without A Manual.” One of her recent blogs consisted of her own responses to the questions listed below. When she posted it, she flagged me because it reminded her of the A-Z writing prompt I use in the Tuesday Night Workshop, which is used by many writing […]

Crushing Writer’s Block: Giving Ourselves Permission to Write

Writer's Blog - How To Get Over It (boot)

How Can I Overcome Writer’s Block? Writers in my workshop often ask this question. Sometimes my first reaction is, “Oh, how am I going to answer that? I don’t get writer’s block.” But, I’m not being honest with myself: I have writer’s block so badly it can take up all the space inside my brain. This […]