The All Writing Summer Workshop with Flexible Dates

Tuesdays from 7-9:30 PM in Flourtown

Thursdays 7-9:30 PM via Zoom

For beginners to published authors, the All Writing workshop focuses on quieting your internal critic to express yourself freely. The facilitator structures the approach to writing and the discussion to ensure that everyone in the workshop feels included and at ease.

A workshop for writers of all levels

    • Meet other writers
    • Write during workshop time
    • Discover or develop your voice
    • Gain confidence in your identity as a writer
    • Create new work or expand existing projects
    • Receive constructive feedback that highlights your strengths

Fiction · Nonfiction · Poetry · Screen & TV Writing · Playwriting · Blogs · Performance Sketches

This workshop emphasizes writing to prompts

    • The prompts are designed to inspire you, to get you started
    • Following the prompts is optional
    • No competition, no ridicule
    • No homework

To ensure quality, enrollment is limited to 13, including the facilitator.

This workshop does not include submitting manuscripts. Manuscript review is available in The Tuesday Night Workshop, The Manuscript Workshop, or via Private Editing Services.

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Waiting List

Dates (Summer 2024 TBD)

Choose 1 – 11 dates. Pick any combination of Tuesdays in person in Flourtown and Thursdays via Zoom. This is not a sequential workshop, so it doesn’t matter when you start.*

    1. Tuesday, July 11, in person, Flourtown, PA
    2. Thursday, July 13, via Zoom
    3. Tuesday, July 18, in person, Flourtown, PA
    4. Thursday, July 20, via Zoom
    5. Tuesday, July 25, in person, Flourtown, PA
    6. Thursday, July 27, via Zoom
    7. Tuesday, August 8, in person, Flourtown, PA
    8. Thursday, August 10, via Zoom
    9. Tuesday, August 15, in person, Flourtown, PA
    10. Thursday, August 17, via Zoom
    11. Tuesday, August 22, in person, Flourtown, PA

Space allowing, you may be able to change dates later. This is not a drop-in workshop. Registration is required.

Cost per meeting from 7-9:30 PM

    • 1-3 meetings for $49 per meeting
    • 4-11 meetings for $45 per meeting

In-person requirements:

    • Willingness to sign a form saying you are symptom-free and agree to not attend the workshop if you are experiencing fever, chills, coughing, muscle or body aches, vomiting, diarrhea, or new loss of taste or smell. If you have a cough or sniffles from allergies or a known and non-contagious illness, please let the facilitator and your fellow writers know.

Zoom meeting requirements:

    • Although we write by hand in an old-fashioned notebook, you will need a computer or laptop with a video camera and audio so that you can be seen and heard. You’ll also need to be in a private space or use headphones/earbuds so that when people read aloud, people in your household won’t be able to hear.
    • Download Zoom from — it’s free for you.

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To hear about all future workshops, make sure your name is on this list.

Waiting List

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