Do you have a manuscript you’ve wanted to finish? Are you stuck or looking for feedback?

Fresco of a woman with a pen at her lip as if she's thinking about what to write.Finally, get the help you need to finish that novel, short story collection, memoir, play, or screenplay!

The Manuscript Workshop is an intensive course designed to help you develop and complete your project. Small group size ensures your specific needs are addressed.

  • Personalized Instruction and support 
  • Thoughtful feedback from peers and the instructor
  • Increased accountability to meet deadlines

Participants report writing twice as much as they did when writing alone.

How does it work? 

The Manuscript Workshop takes you out of the isolation of facing your project alone. You’ll have the support of a small group of dedicated writers and the instructor to coach you through the writing process. Some writers begin with only a number of pages completed and need help with planning, character development, and plot. Others arrive with a nearly finished manuscript and need help revising and editing, sometimes in response to feedback received from editors and agents. Each week the group reads and discusses two writers’ manuscripts. Each writer receives in-depth feedback that is constructive, fair, and also useful. As a result, you’ll go home with more confidence about which steps to take next to achieve your goals.

What makes it different than other workshops? 

Due to the small group size of 7-8, each writer has the opportunity to submit work once a month.

Private meetings with the instructor, Rachel Kobin, give you time to go into even greater depth. Schedule a meeting once a month to ask for special resources and guidance. You can also request she read additional pages. Most of all, Rachel does not teach from a pedestal and tell you what to do without any firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to work on a project over the long term; she is a member of the workshop working on a project of her own. Consequently, she feels your pain, and celebrates your successes!

Projects include:

  • A funny and informative memoir
  • Character-driven novels you can’t put down
  • A lush historical novel addressing of-the-moment societal issues
  • A full-length screenplay about Philadelphians in the face of changing times in the late 60s

When does it meet?
We meet every Thursday of every month except the second Thursday, from 7-10 PM. Instead of a group meeting on the second Thursday of the month, you may choose to meet with the instructor privately.

When can I start?
The workshop meets all year with scheduled breaks and no meetings on some holidays. Upon acceptance, you can begin as soon as you’d like. 

Where does it meet?
The Resiliency Center, Flourtown, PA

Is The Manuscript Workshop right for me?
Answer this question by discussing the workshop with the instructor, Rachel Kobin. After you’ve spoken with her, and mutually decided the workshop would suit you, she will ask you to send her a writing sample. This ensures everyone benefits from their experience in the workshop. You can also read firsthand accounts of writers’ experiences

Click the button below to ask Rachel to call you. Please give her a few times that tend to be good for you.

Privacy policy: Your personal information is not sold to anyone. Use of your contact information (with other enrolled participants if you decide to sign up) is used only with your prior consent.

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