Do you have a manuscript you’ve wanted to finish?

Fresco of a woman with a pen at her lip as if she's thinking about what to write.Write a novel, short story collection, memoir, play, or screenplay.

The Manuscript Workshop is an intensive course designed to help you develop and complete your project. Sessions are customized to fit your specific needs.

  • Personalized Instruction and support
  • In-depth feedback from peers and the instructor
  • Increased accountability to meet deadlines

In a small group of equally-talented writers, you’ll finally have the opportunity to get your story down on the page and keep going until you can say “Finished!”

Each week the group focuses on two writers’ manuscripts. Your peers and the workshop leader provide in-depth feedback to your pages or outline. Get guidance with planning, story and character development, plot, pacing, and structure.

Current participants report they are writing 200% more than they ever have before.

Current participant projects include:

  • Character-driven novels you can’t put down
  • Two TV pilots destined for Netflix or Amazon greatness
  • A lush historical novel addressing of-the-moment societal questions

Your story—no matter what state it’s in now—deserves an audience!

When Can I Start?

The workshop is ongoing from September to June with no meetings during the summer. If there is room and you qualify, you can begin as soon as you’d like.

What Time Does It Meet?

We meet on three Thursdays of every month from 7-10 PM. The schedule varies but you can see upcoming dates on the Philadelphia Workshop Calendar.

And Where?

Class meets in Wyndmoor, PA at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential 

Is The Manuscript Workshop Right For Me?

Let’s discuss your project! Click the button below to consult with the instructor to see if The Manuscript Workshop would be a good fit for you. The number of writers in the workshop has ranged from 5-8, and depends on where each person is in their writing process.

A writing sample is required prior to acceptance to this workshop. After you’ve spoken with Rachel Kobin, the instructor, and mutually decided the workshop would be a good fit for you, she will ask you to send your sample. This ensures everyone benefits from their experience in the workshop.

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