Write with Danette

an All Writing Workshop

Wednesdays from 7-9:30 p.m. via Zoom

For beginners to published authors.

Write with Danette focuses on quieting your internal critic to express yourself freely. The facilitator structures the approach to writing and the discussion to ensure everyone in the workshop feels included and at ease.

A workshop for writers of all levels

    • Meet other writers
    • Write during workshop time
    • Discover or develop your voice
    • Gain confidence in your identity as a writer
    • Create new work or expand existing projects
    • Receive constructive feedback that highlights your strengths

Fiction · Nonfiction · Poetry · Screen & TV Writing · Playwriting · Blogs · Performance Sketches

This workshop emphasizes writing to prompts

    • The prompts are designed to inspire you, to get you started
    • Following the prompts is optional
    • No competition, no ridicule
    • No homework

To ensure quality, enrollment is limited to 12, including the facilitator.

This workshop does not include submitting manuscripts. Manuscript review is available in The Tuesday Night WorkshopThe Manuscript Workshop, or via Private Editing Services.


Choose 1 – 6 dates. Pick any combination of Wednesdays via Zoom from 7-9:30 PM

This is not a sequential workshop, so it doesn’t matter when you start.

  1. Fall 2024 Dates TBA — Put your name on the waiting list below to find out as soon as the dates are posted.

This is not a drop-in workshop. Registration is required.


    • $49 per night

The Waiting List

About the Facilitator, Danette Laver

Chasing Aces (title of novel). A beaten-up baseball on green grass.

Hello. I am Danette Laver, author of the novel Chasing Aces and alumnae of the Philadelphia Writers Workshop.

My journey with the Philadelphia Writers Workshop began in 2016 when I had the outline and a few chapters written for a story I was passionate about but struggled to bring to the finish line. Each week in the workshop, several prompts were offered, and while I often used them to develop my characters and scenes, just as often, they took me in unexpected, fresh directions. Sometimes, I’d glance down at my notebook and think I’d have never written this if I hadn’t been here tonight. After trying out other writing groups, I had finally found a space that fostered creativity and camaraderie, free of convention and critique.

As the demand for workshops has grown beyond what Rachel can facilitate on her own (there are only so many nights in a week!), I am honored to begin leading Write With Danette – an all-writing evening moderated according to the PWW guidelines. We’ll celebrate the nuggets, the perfect phrases, and the ridiculous puns we write just as grandly as a fully executed novella. I hope you’ll join me; we are all storytellers!

Read more about Danette here: www.danettelaver.com.