The Daily Writers

A fun way to fulfill your desire to develop a daily writing routine.


“A writer is someone who writes.”

— Pat Schneider

Join writers just like you who need accountability and a bit of structure:

    • Receive 1 prompt/writing exercise daily.
    • Write for 10-15 minutes daily.
    • Send your writing to your partner–accountability!
    • 10-15 minutes of reading and commenting on your partner’s writing.
    • 1 writing partner every week.
    • 3 weeks.


How The Daily Writers helps you write every day:

Handwritten page of a notebook and a crumpled up piece of paper.

Ideally, each of us would write every day. Very few of us do. It’s easy to skip a day. Who will know? And then a few days go by. A week. A month. Meanwhile, our ideas and stories never make it to the page.

The Daily Writing Prompts program holds you accountable for developing a daily writing habit. With a daily writing prompt and a new writing partner every week, you will no longer be alone as you face the blank page. Receive only encouragement from your writing partner—negativity will not be tolerated*—and respond to their writing. Spend 15 minutes writing and 5-15 minutes reading and commenting on your writing partner’s work. *You can request constructive feedback.

What to expect from The Daily Writers:

    • On the Sunday before the session begins, you’ll receive the name and email address of your partner.
    • Every day at 12:01 a.m., an email with the prompt will arrive.
    • A prompt might be a word, a sentence, or even a photo designed to inspire you.
    • Use the prompt or write whatever you’d like.
    • Write for up to fifteen minutes.
    • No one is expecting a masterpiece.
    • Limit editing to typos and spelling.
    • Email your writing to your partner within 24 hours.
    • If you have to miss a day, just let your partner know.
    • Spend 5-15 minutes reading your partner’s writing and responding.
    • Keep it brief and positive.
    • Reply within 24 hours of receiving the email.
    • No experience commenting on others’s work is required.
    • The facilitators will be available for support.
    • More detailed instructions are provided when you enroll.

Lead Facilitator: Rachel Kobin

Facilitators: Jonathan Leeds, Michael Shapiro


First session: $100

For writers who have never participated in the Daily Writers before.

Single Sessions: $95

For returning daily writers who want to sign up for one or multiple sessions.

Membership: $89

For returning daily writers who know they want to participate in the program indefinitely, the fee is $89 per three weeks, payable by credit card only.

    • This is an automated payment that is charged to your card every three weeks from the time the first payment goes through.
    • If you are a returning Daily Writer who plans on taking breaks, please use the à la carte option for $95 per session.
    • You can cancel by informing us of when you’d like to end your membership.

Session Dates

    1. February 26 – March 17  (completed)
    2. March 18 – April 7 (completed)
    3. April 8 – April 28 (completed)
    4. April 29 – May 19 (completed)
    5. May 20 – June 9
    6. June 10 – June 30
    7. July 1 – July 21
    8. July 22 – August 11
    9. August 12 – September 1
    10. September 9 – September 29
    11. October 14 – November 3
    12. November 4 – November 24
    13. December 2 – December 22
    14. January 6 – January 26, 2025
    15. January 27 – February 16, 2025


Register here if you:

    • have never done the Daily Writers before
    • are a returning writer choosing specific sessions/dates
    • plan on skipping certain sessions
Register for 1-15 Sessions

Register here if you:

    • plan to participate indefinitely
    • agree to have your credit card charged every three weeks
    • will send us an email informing us when you’d like to stop attending