The Daily Writers

These three-week rounds of The Daily Writers run continuously through November 2023

“A writer is someone who writes.”

— Pat Schneider

Now, develop a daily writing routine with The Daily Writers

  • Receive 1 prompt/writing exercise daily
  • Write for 15 minutes daily.
  • Send your writing to your partner–accountability!
  • 15 minutes of reading and commenting on your partner’s writing.
  • 1 writing partner every week.
  • 3 weeks.


How Daily Writing Prompts help

Handwritten page of a notebook and a crumpled up piece of paper.

Ideally, each of us would write every day. Very few of us do. It’s easy to skip a day. Who will know? And then a few days go by. A week. A month. Meanwhile, our ideas and stories never make it to the page.

The Daily Writing Prompts program holds you accountable for developing a daily writing habit. With a daily writing prompt and a new writing partner every week, you will no longer be alone as you face the blank page. Receive only encouragement from your writing partner—negativity will not be tolerated*—and respond to their writing. Spend 15 minutes writing and 5-15 minutes reading and commenting on your writing partner’s work. *You can request constructive feedback.

What to expect from Daily Writing Prompts

  • Every Monday, the facilitators will pair you with another writer by emailing you their name and email address.
  • Every day at 12:01 a.m., you will receive an email with a prompt.
  • Use the prompt for inspiration, or write whatever you’d like.
  • Write for fifteen minutes. If you want to keep writing, by all means, go ahead, but only send your partner what you wrote in fifteen minutes.
  • Limit editing to typos and spelling.
  • The idea is to write, not to write a masterpiece, so some days it might be a scene, other days just a few notes or something personal.
  • Email your writing to your partner within 24 hours. If you miss a day, just skip to the next day’s prompt.
  • Spend 5-15 minutes reading your partner’s writing and responding with only positive comments. Reply within 24 hours of receiving the email.
  • When commenting, remark on what stands out as good and strong. Which sentence, phrase, or paragraph made you feel something? What did it make you feel? Keep it brief and positive.
  • Do your very best to write and respond every day, but if you can’t, simply inform your partner.
  • The facilitators will be available for support.
  • All of the details you’ll need to participate will be provided when you enroll.

Lead Facilitator: Rachel Kobin

Facilitators: Jonathan Leeds, Michael Shapiro


$100 for the first session.

All writers need to participate in one session before signing up for consecutive sessions.

$95.00 for subsequent sessions.



Session 4 — 8/21-9/10

  • Monday, August 21—Start Week 1
  • Monday, August 28—Start Week 2
  • Monday, September 4—Start Week 3
  • Last day until next session: Sunday, September 10

Session 5 — 9/11-10/1

  • Monday, September 11—Start Week 1
  • Monday, September 18 —Start Week 2
  • Monday, September 25—Start Week 3
  • Last day until next session: Sunday, October 1

Session 6 —10/2-10/22

  • Monday, October 1 — Start Week 1
  • Monday, October 9 — Start Week 2
  • Monday, October 16 — Start Week 3
  • Last day until next session: Sunday, October 1

Session 7 —10/23-11/12

  • Monday, October 23  — Start Week 1
  • Monday, October 30 — Start Week 2
  • Monday, November 6 — Start Week 3
  • Last day until next session: Sunday, November 12

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